We were truly blessed to be able to operate Hillarys Markets at the Hillarys Boat Harbour, a boutique style Designer Artisan Markets for the past 7 years. This was the catalyst for our new annual 2 day Arts Festival of similar style set to be every April.

A non profit community Festival of no more than 60 stalls that has been created to support local emerging Designers, Artisans and Holistic practitioners and of course we also support Non Profit and Fair Trade. It is our intention to continue to create a Festival full of creative flavour for both the Stall holder and those who come to visit the Festival. We have a deep desire to connect those who create, provide and produce to those who wish to receive that which is created, given or grown. And those who wish to just observe, chat and share in the richness of creative experience.

We will grow together with all those who come. With wisdom and time we will grow stronger and wiser. We invite you to the journey -

rendez vous aux Festival

                    - Meet you at the Festival

Meet You At The Festival

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